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Bristol's Story
Few rescues made by the Chincoteague Pony Rescue have been easy, but one in Bristol, Tennessee tested the skills and ability of our crew facing one of the biggest challenges of all.
In April 2012, a call was received at the rescue concerning nine Chincoteague Ponies neglected and in need of immediate care and food.
The day of our departure, we learned that one of the mares had just given birth to a foal that day, making this trip even more critical.
After a long 10 hour trip through the night, we arrived the next morning. We found the newborn filly laying on a cold, hard, mud crusted ground with her starved mother standing next to her guarding her foal from the rest of the herd that included 3 stallions.
The foal was too weak to stand and had to be carried onto our trailer with her mother following close behind.
The 10 hour return trip back to the rescue would prove to be a challenge transporting the one day old foal and mother in their condition.
Making periodic stops to check on them, giving them water and allowing time for the foal to nurse proved to be working without any complications. The foal was a trooper and knew what to do. 
​Both mother (Shadow) and her filly arrived safely at the rescue where a stall had been prepared for them with dry bedding, shelter, hay and water.
We named the filly "Bristol"!
Shadow and Bristol fully recovered after many months of rehabilitation and veterinary care.
Today, Bristol has found new friends and has a second chance at life to play and grow. Shadow and Bristol were adopted and share their forever home together after a full recovery.
Their story serves as an inspiration for all and the purpose for everything we do here at the rescue as we continue to help other Chincoteague Ponies in need!

The mother was starved and in very bad condition, having to feed her newborn foal.
The rest of the herd were found to be in good condition and arrangements were made for their care, allowing us to focus on the most critical need of the mare and foal. 

Bristol and Shadow captured the hearts of  pony lovers everywhere who came to their rescue.
We are grateful for the donations and the support given for this mission, because of the extensive cost of transportation and veterinary care.