"Let me lead you down a path that goes a different way... Where loving care and affection will bring a brighter day!"
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The Chincoteague Ponies have a long and famous history. Originating in Spain, where they were bred to work in the coal mines. Much research has been done on how the ponies arrived here in the United States.

        Many stories have been written over the years, both fact and fictional, which has inspired intrigue and mystical imaginations. Many children have grown up reading books about "Misty of Chincoteague". They have shared these 
stories with children and grandchildren of their own. 
Folks travel from around the world to see these 
famous ponies they have heard and read about! 
The ponies were shipped over on a Spanish Galleon
in the 16th Century. Upon arriving to the 
United States, they encountered a storm just off 
the coast of Virginia. The ship sank and the 
surviving ponies swam ashore to Assateague Island 
where they roam free today.
The History of the Chincoteague Ponies
This legacy lives today in the many descendants that are part of this rich history. We feel that all Chincoteague Ponies are special and worth protecting for future generations.
We need your help to protect this treasure!